Mobile Success Guaranteed!

Royal Mobile is 100% ROI-focused – and we back it up with Royal Mobile’s Mobile Performance Guarantee™. You pay only for results based on actions that you define – from purchases to installs. Royal Mobile is the #1 mobile marketing solution for apps that need tangible, profitable marketing results. The Royal Mobile Platform includes four integrated technology components that deliver superior advertising results.




Data Privacy & Security

We combine pattern-detection technology with human intelligence to detect and prevent fraud.



Account Strategists

Our world-class services allow you to get the best results possible from our platform.



Performing Creatives

We leverage our vast operational experience to help you design creatives that convert.



Product Training

With our trainings, workshops and documentation we help you build your programmatic expertise.


Profile Targeting

Using Royal Mobile’s rich data warehouse, it defines targeting profiles to target the right ad to the right user at the right time – all to increase conversions and drive cost efficiencies.



Re-engage users with targeted campaigns that get them to return to your app and take a specific action, such as completing a purchase or buying an additional product.


In-App Tracking

The key to Royal Mobile’s guarantee is to deliver high conversion rates, Royal Mobile attributes every in-app event, such as purchases and sign-ups, back to the media source, to understand which media sources deliver the best users and ROI.


Targeting The Right App Users

Using Royal Mobile’s rich data combined with advanced targeting algorithms, you can ensure that your ads are shown to the right users based on: Demographics: gender, age, location, education, income, and others. Mobile behaviors: number of daily app sessions, ad click frequency, active time of day, purchase frequency. Interests: interests related to your app or associated with your audience profile.